The Australian Jet Ski Association is the peak industry body in Australia representing the Jet Skiers around Australia.

We lobby government and represent the interests of our sport regarding legislation and infrastructure isues through our key water authority partner agencies and ministerial relationships.

We have had much success regarding changes to laws such as the use of PLB’s on Jet Skis and general safety obligations.

Our volunteer team consists of talented & dedicated Jet Skiers that are recognised as the industry “go to” for subject matter expertise on relative safety and cultural issues. Having said that we are always looking for more dedicated people to join the team. The more hands we have the more we can achieve.

Our infrastructure work has produced results with new pontoons being built to better accommodate the height of the average Jet Ski from the water line and many ramps being better equipped for parking and washing down.

We run events occasionally for Fundraising, Social Rides, Advanced Training, Rescue Watercraft Operators Training and Racing (through promoters).

If you have a keen interest in upholding the reputation of our sport for future generatins, please support the AJSA as we support your sport. Visit and join up as a member today!





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