The Australian Jet Ski Association is a not for profit association with a reliance on funding to operate. The more funding the Association receives the more it can do for the Jet Skiers of Australia.

The Association believes that the funding requirements should be primarily provided by the businesses who profit from the industry growth and should not be a heavy burden on the people who have already invested in becoming a participant in the industry. Therefore the  membership levy for the Jet Ski owners is planned to be kept to a minimum.

To allow this to work effectively the association encourages all members to ensure they choose service providers that are a member of your association and have agreed to uphold the industry integrity standards.

This will ensure the association receives the funding to deliver the necessary administration and political activities to keep our waterways free for everyone to use together.

The Associations committee also be applies for grants, holding advanced safety and technique training and fundraising events and competitions.

As volunteers we are always in need of help. If you would like to become involved please Contact Us.

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