AJSA – EOFY Fundraiser


The Australian Jet Ski Association needs your help!


We are fundraising in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to allow tax-deductible donations. Our fundraising project is raising money to present our training courses around Australia.

We are hoping to raise $10,000 before the end of June, which will enable us to acquire the gear we need and implement the training nationally.

We are very grateful for any support for the Australian Jet Ski Association and this is a great time to give!

Without contributions from supporters like you, we won’t have the chance to thrive, grow be as successful as we can be! The future can be bigger and brighter for all of us with your help.


Please donate today via our online portal     https://asf.org.au/projects/australian-jet-ski-association/


Once you have donated and the transaction is complete, you will receive your tax-deductible receipt from the Australian Sports Foundation which you can include in your tax return this year.

Every donation counts, no matter how small!

Thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty and if you have any questions about this project or donating please contact me.

Kind Regards,

Mandy Brown

President – AJSA


About our courses.

The AJSA has developed a range of courses to suit all Jet Skiers of all levels.

There is very little education material available to Jet Skiers. From newbies when they set out, some states include a practical license testing however this is more about the laws and doesn’t go far into many of the other do’s and don’ts. From there you can ride for many years and never learn the theoretical applications for riding extreme surf, performing rescues and leading major group rides.

We’ve developed manuals and practicals to cover all of these subjects and many Jet Skiers have already done the courses.

However taking the courses on the road is costly and we need to acquire some gear to implement the course.

So now that we have an excellent highly trained team of volunteers, who are willing to give up their time to share their knowledge and skills. We just need to raise funds for the equipment we need to make the courses available for everyone!

The result in having better trained Jet Skiers is a better public perception of our sport by people doing the right thing.





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