Australian Jet Ski Association calls for an immediate review of Jet Ski Licensing



The Australian Jet Ski Association calls on the Victorian Government for an immediate review of Jet Ski Licensing.


Following another serious incident we ask that the Victorian Government urgently review the procedure to become licensed.

With correct training and enforcement, collisions can be avoided and the waterways shared safely by everyone who chooses to enjoy them.


Currently Victoria has one of the easiest licensing procedures in Australia, with no practical test required.

To become licensed to operate any power sports vessel without a practical form of testing is irrationally inadequate on today’s busy waterways.


Some key representatives of the Victorian Jet Ski community have made recommendations to the Victorian Government for practical testing in the past, however nothing has changed since this last occurred around two years ago.

Their recommendation was countered with a statistical argument offered by industry representatives with commercial interests.

However the argument for easy testing is now outweighed by the rapidly increasing numbers of Jet Skis. Victoria has been left behind by this.


Life changing collisions could potentially be avoided if new Riders were given a better understanding of the potential risks, by a practical instructor.


Perhaps the question is;

Is it fair to the Victorian community and to the new young riders themselves, to allow licencing without the practical observation by an experienced trainer, to guide their skills and attitude?


There are clear examples all over the world’s popular waterways of Jet Skis and all other water Sport interests operating in safe harmony together.

Where there are known problems, licensing is inadequate or non-existent.

If the number of preventable incidents continue to occur the possibility of unfair banning is at risk.


We will continue to lobby for an urgent review and call upon the wider community to support our call.


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JetSkiClub North Stradbroke Russell Island Peel Island Jet Ski Shack Ride (19)

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