Australian Jet Ski Association – Press Release – PLB’s APPROVED in Queensland!

The Australian Jet Ski Association is delighted to announce that effective immediately MSQ has approved PLB’s for use on personal watercraft (Jet Skis) instead of an EPIRB.

The AJSA recommends the ALL Jet Skiers wear a PLB attached to their life jacket at all times, not only when required. The safety that this provides is second to none!

We formally thank the people who have worked so hard to have this passed for our safety within MSQ, especially Phillip Hambly, Senior Advisor | Safety Standards.

Please find attached the release and please make absolutely certain your new PLB abides by the requirements and is registered.

Any questions please contact us.


Mandy Brown.

President AJSA

Notification of Exemption – Final Signed 31-08-17


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