The Australian Jet Ski Association is currently involved in the following Jet Ski related issues around Australia t name a few.

There are also many individual issues with facilities and legislation we are assisting with.

If your Jet Ski Club/Association/Group or individual area is currently facing some difficult challenges please contact us for a confidential discussion of options and strategies.

We’re here to help and have already had some awesome success over the last few years.

We still have a very long way to go but by working together we will get our sport to a place where it should be and keep it there for future generations to enjoy.

Current major issues

Gold Coast Boat Ramp Parking. The Gold Coast suffers from a dreadful lack of access to the water. Many consider the are to be the most significant Jet Ski riding area in Australia so we are taking on every issue we see could be improved.

Parking – We’ve called for better signage to keep Cars out of CTU (Car Trailer Units) Better signage to allow Jet Skiers to be advised of noise restrictions at ramps

The new $5.1m ramp at Southport is looking compromised in many directions we are working with Council to clean up potential disadvantages to Jet Skiers

PLB’s to be allowed over Epirbs – Now under review with AMSA

Gold Coast Council workers giving incorrect advice – Some of us recently observed council workers dictating incorrect laws to Jet Skiers at a ramp while they were launching. Some were simply standing around chatting at the time. Not even on their Skis. These council workers have since been reprimanded and sent for further training.

Sunshine Coast – The Noosa River has been zoned by the Council to restrict Jet Skis. MSQ has no interest in this restriction and it does not appear on Beacon to Beacon. We’ve called on the council to provide signage of speed limits and restricted areas to Jet Skiers on the river. Council was unaware that Jet Skiers could ride in from the open water from other ports.

Sunshine Coast – during the last election a Minister set about attacking Jet Skis in the week leading up to the election in a bid to gain last minute voters support. Unfortunately he was narrowly re elected and we are monitoring his policies closely. Our fight back is well prepared by some of the most influential community groups in the electorate should this campaign begin again.

Victoria – Discussions have taken place to enable racing to resume in Victoria at the NWSC. The VJSBA is currently deciding on dates to hold their events.

NSW – The Sydney Harbor Ban is being contested at many levels. The AJSA is working with most of these interest groups to support them with statistical evidence testimonial and alternative means of control.

SA – We have begun discussions with special interest groups in SA to begin a push back of rampant unsubstantiated Jet Ski bans throughout the area.

WA – We have no issues of contention in WA but welcome inquiries from the Jet Skiing community suffering from any disadvantages.

Licensing laws around Australia are causing some major concern. We have begun a consultation process with licence testers to define what needs to change to gain a better outcome.

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