Jet Ski Water Safety & Event Marshalling Services


The Australian Jet Ski Association maintains a highly skilled and multi experienced Jet Ski Water Safety & Rescue Team which also operates as Event Marshals.

The team is constantly training and refining worlds best practices techniques.

The team is available for your next Water Event. We are able to provide a small team or we are able to expand to meet the requirements of a full scale water rescue.

Our team can be deployed for emergencies for search and rescue assistance.

The size of the team can be varied to suit the needs of the operation from 2 to 20 operators.

Being the most experienced Jet Ski Water Safety & Rescue team in Australia they have worked on all kinds of Jet Ski competition activities and many other water sports such as;

Water Rescue in surf conditions at Surf events and public rescue

Jet Ski Racing Events

Jet Ski Freeride Events

Fundraising Charity Social Events

Outriggers EventsAJSA JSR square logo 600w

Boat Racing Events

Rowing Events

Kayaking Events

Paddle Boards Events

Swimming Events

Marathon Evants

The Jet Skis are utilised in the best way possible to maintain visibility, safety and to patrol for Sharks

The Water Rescue Team is an essential element for the association fundraising.

Please consider using them at your next event.

For more information please Contact Us

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