Jet Skis Save Lives

And yours can too!

“Learn the basics of using your very own Jet Ski as a Rescue Watercraft”

Did you know that with some basic skills training you can be ready to assist with a rescue if ever the need arises?

Riding socially you just never know when something may go wrong with you or your family and friends – or even another water user.

Now anyone that rides a Jet Ski can learn the basics to help out if ever there’s an incident.

With some basic skills training you’ll be better equipped to lend a hand if ever needed and you may just end up saving a life!

This course is designed for new Jet Ski riders so don’t worry that you aren’t ready – the water waits for no one!


Join us for the next Basic Rescue Watercraft Skills session on Saturday February the 16th 2019.

We will begin at 8am sharp at the Gold Coast and should be done by 11am. We will then finish off with a fun social ride for breakfast.

The Australian Jet Ski Association has a Rescue Watercraft Team for events that you are also welcome to train towards after completing this course.

Bookings are here


Please note we welcome bookings for this course in other states and locations. Please Contact Us for details.




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