Marine Stadium – The Spit Masterplan

As many of you know the AJSA has been working with other water sports clubs on the Gold Coast to have Marine Stadium renovated by dredging and fencing so that it can be used for the purpose of which it was intended – Competition and Training.

The AJSA has made it clear across government that purpose areas for training and competition are essential to allow for controlled events. This is as much to protect the general public as it is for Jet Skiers, Wakeboarders and Boat racing.

The Spit master plan has overlooked more than 20,000 water using locals requirements and this area has been lost for Tom Tates Cruise Ship Terminal.

The position the Associations have taken is never mind Marine Stadium,  ” where will we hold training and competitions now?”

As a point of interest The Sunshine, Noosa and Gympie Councils have a consortium that the AJSA has been working with for 4 years to apply for a grant to buy land and to build a “purpose-built” racing and training facility on the region. The grant has come through and the land is being sought. These areas understand the value of this type of facility.

Now back to the Gold Coast. We have now taken it to the State Government and an area for a facility is being sought.

As this progresses we will report back to the Jet Skiers of this region.

With any luck, a grant to hold events will also come through. Stay tuned for more details!





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