Support the industry you love and have a say in its future!


The more members the association has, the better positioned it will be to keep the sport available to everyone on every waterway in Australia.

Members receive benefits such as discounted entry for training courses, competitions and events and invitations to join exclusive adventure rides.

Membership is open to everyone. There is no requirement to even own a Jet Ski!

Please also encourage your services providers to support your association.

Next time you visit your Jet Ski workshop, Dealer, licenses provider, or any other business who has built its business on your industry,

ask them to support the industry association who supports them!


Membership services are to designed to provide a better industry for all of us. Please read About the Australian Jet Ski Association.


Individual Memberships are only – $20


Family Memberships (including two adults and all of your children up to 18 years old) are only – $30

Junior Memberships are allocated to the under 18’s in a family membership.

All Junior Jet Skiers can join the Jet Ski Association with their family For some of you it may be a while until you can ride on your own but there’s so much to learn before then!

Others may already be riding and starting to get quite good on a Ski. Did you know that in some events Juniors are given the ability to participate?

If you have any questions please feel very welcome to contact our Junior Rider representative Savana Brunton.

Apply for your membership here

 Also see Offers and Benefits for Members




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