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All offers are available to financial members of the “Australian Jet Ski Association. Suppliers may require proof of membership number.

Replacement evidence of current membership can be obtained by contacting the AJSA Secretary at


BbTALKIN USA: Bluetooth intercom Headsets

For those of you who like the BbTALKIN USA bluetooth headsets we use, we now have an offer from BbTALKIN for you

You can order directly from their website in the States.
They will post to Australia no problems and we got our in 48 hours.

When you check out just use the coupon code jetskitv for a whopping 25% OFF!

Why everyone needs these;

At 100 kph you can chat to your ride buddy like their sitting next to you in a quiet room.
If your phone rings you can answer it with one button (if you want to).
You can listen to Back in Black all day while you ride!

btw, They’re very handy for Training and Marshaling too.

For use with a Gath (Like we use


JetSki.XXX – Extreme Jet Ski Products

JETSKI.XXX offers all members of the Australian Jet Ski Association a 10% discount offer off all of the products in the range (excluding sale items)

In order for a person to take up this membership offer they must be a financial member of the Australian Jetski Association.

Just go to the website: and use the coupon code AJSA.XXX at the checkout


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