AJSA Drug and Alcohol Policy


This policy applies to all members and participants of any AJSA Event including all officials and guests.


* Alcohol and other drugs shall not be consumed by anyone participating in any formal event. A blood/alcohol content of zero (0.00%) is mandatory.

* Participants of AJSA sanctioned events may take prescription drugs for legitimate medical reasons only. If these drugs are likely to affect performance or behavior, participation is disallowed.

* No alcohol or other drugs are to be consumed at any time during break times since these may impair the ability to safely operate a Jet Ski and officials to competently undertake their duties.

* Alcohol and drug testing may be performed prior to the commencement of any event or during an event. In the instance of a positive result the person concerned will be required to immediately withdraw from the event. To ensure the safety of others disciplinary action may need to be taken according to the following:

1st Offence: Not permitted to participate from that day for 3 months.

2nd Offence: Twelve month suspension from participating in any event.

3rd Offence: Lifetime ban from participating in any event.


The reputation of the AJSA has taken many years to forge and the Jet Ski Industry relies on it’s success to grow our sport. Please respect these guidelines at all times.

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