New Riders Information & Training – Saturday 28th September ’19 Golden Beach QLD

Topics covered

Everything  you need to know to buy a Jet Ski, look after a Jet Ski and to manage your Jet Ski for a day of riding.

Mandy Brown from “Jet Ski Best Practices” – A Guide for new riders will be co-presenting on the day.


Our day will start at 8.30am with the theory session.

You will not need a Jet Ski so this is an absolute must for anyone considering joining our sport.


Then we ride!

Following the theory session we will go for a social ride together with those who do have a Ski.

We will demonstrate control skills to practice and you’ll pick up many other tips along the way.


Rescue Watercraft Training Drills

The next part of our day will be when the RWCO team (who will be in attendance throughout the day) will practice some training drills. All who have joined us will be welcome to watch the session and ask questions accordingly.


Then it’s off for lunch we go!

At the end of the training we will all head to a wonderful local café for lunch and to cover off the main points of the day.

We plan to be back at the ramp and off the water by 2pm. All entrants will receive further details upon enrollment.

Save the date and book early! We look forward to seeing you then!

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