AJSA Livin Pirate Merriment n’ Mystery – Sunday 7th October 2018


Ahoy there Jet Ski Pirates!

In Livin up to mystery of the day, Pirate Isle b’ captured! Aggrrrrr.

We’ve been outflanked by th’ receivers at McLaren’s Landing, so we’ll tack and jibe our merriment to a stronghold on the northern end of the Gold Coast.

S’ b’ warn’d, plans have changed, all current pirates are informed.

Be sure this is shaping up t’ be awesome day for the whole pirate family as kick off wit’ th’ start o’ th’ Queensland Mental Health Week.

Ther’ b’ an awesome pirate pack for all thos’ registering including a Livin trucker cap, juice from The Juice Guys, Fiji Water. Treasure t’ b’ found in raffle prizes including JetSki.XXX products, T-Shirts and vouchers. 

Make sure ye wear yer best pirate gear fer th’ occasion to be judged in the best dressed pirate comp’tion. Agrrr, be warned, the stakes are high for pirates, wenches, wee pirates and pirate jet skis.

Be ready fer th’ tug o’ war ‘n, swing’n the bouy, the pirate ping pong contest and see if any scallywags are ousted by walkin’ th’ plank.

Ther’  b’ option for thos’ tempt’n friends and family pirates t’ join us by road at 10:30 am. B’ warn’d the food is good, but you’ll b’ buying your own.

So get t’ work on yer outfit ‘n start dress up yer Jet Skis as th’ wretched Jet Ski TV will be filmin’
th’ day.

Entry exclusive to all AJSA members and their friends and will cost y’ a donation at https://livin.org/donate/. B’ a generous scallywag for this worthy cause. Mark it with the message “AJSA Livin Pirates” as we recommend $30 for participat’n and $10 per additional raffle ticket ther after. Pre registration is required as no inclusions will be available on 
the day.

Not yet an AJSA member, join us.

Speak up here if ye be game t’ attend.

We’ll be looking for your donation, AJSA member status or connection and number of persons in your party. Location details will be provided upon boardin’.

#livin #itaintweaktospeak @livinorg




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